Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Keratin Smoothing Treatments are designed to eliminate frizz and relax curls. We use Alfa Parf Lisse Design, one of the safest keratin treatments on the market. Each application lasts 2-3 months and will leave your hair in better condition than what you came in with. Keratin Smoothing Treatments cut down drying time as your hair will dry straighter with minimal use of the hairdryer. The more you get this treatment done, it will last longer each time. Results vary from person to person. For those with extremely curly hair, this treatment will relax you curls and eliminate frizz, making you hair easier to manage. Those with wavy hair, this treatment will make your hair straight with minimal use of a hairdryer and brush. Our regular guests swear by this life changing treatment saying that even in the most humid conditions their hair no longer frizzes!

Our price range for a Lisse Design keratin smoothing treatment is $200 – $400 and each service lasts 2- 3 months. A take home maintenance shampoo and conditioner is included in the price of every Lisse Design service. We offer complimentary consultations if you require more information so call us on 97523207 to make a time (bookings for consultations are essential!)

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